Royal Connections

David Lumgair was a banker In Birkenhead and Wallasey and he retired in 1930 to Lustleigh, South Devon. Later they moved to Sidmouth. He married my grandmother Jessie Madders. Her family can be traced back via the Barringtons to Joan Barrington (nee Cromwell) the aunt of Oliver Cromwell, and also to Margaret Countess of Salisbury, a direct descendant of King Edward III.

David and Jessie Lumgair had three sons, David, John and Ranulph. John Campbell Lumgair, my father, married Barbara Smyth Seccombe. I have a younger brother Christopher Charles and an adopted sister Julia Penelope.

As the eldest son, I, the Reverend Michael Hugh Crawford Lumgair BD, lay claim,as the heir-male of George, 10th Earl of Kintore and 13th Lord Falconer of Halkerton, to be de jure the 14th Lord Falconer of Halkerton, and a Baronet of Nova Scotia, and for my eldest son John Robert Falconer Lumgair BA to be Master of Halkerton, notwithstanding there is no land associated with the titles nor any longer a right to serve in the House of Lords.

I married Christine Mary Fellingham in 1980 and we have four sons, John Robert Falconer, Simeon Charles Ranulph, Timothy David and James Michael Benjamin. We may be retired in reduced circumstances and living in a rented flat but we are sons of the royal house of heaven and rejoice in the wonderful inheritance that is ours in the Lord Jesus Chriist, whose we are and whom we serve to the greater glory of God.

Postscript: it now seems certain that although there may be some link with the Falconer family we can no longer conjecture that John Lumgair was one and the same as John Falconer for there is now evidence of John Falconer's continuing life separate from John Lumgair's. Furthermore John Falconer had an older half brother David through his father's first marriage and it seems more than likely that one of his descendants would have prior claim to the Falconer peerage. An illuminating book by Paul Gifford has been published since my uncle's death which sheds further light on the fortunes of the Falconers, called Falconer of Halkerton, which is well documented. For the PDF version of that book, see: